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Shanghai Dongsheng New Material Co., Ltd. was awarded "Excellent Intellectual Property Enterprise" in Caohejing

        Recently, Shanghai Dongsheng New Material Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Excellent Intellectual Property Enterprise" by Caohejing Industrial Development Zone for the 10th Anniversary Forum on Intellectual Property in the Park. Ms. Zheng Xiaoqun, the chairman of the company, was invited to attend the meeting and made a wonderful speech on behalf of the company. She introduced the company's intellectual property work to Zhang Yongzhong, deputy director of Shanghai Intellectual Property Office and related leaders of the development zone, and exchanged her knowledge of intellectual property management.


        Dongsheng New Material always adhere to scientific research to upgrade products, adhering to the corporate values and the concept of green and sustainable development. Developing enterprises through innovation is inseparable from the "navigation" and "escort" of intellectual property rights. Under the guideline of "the road of innovation is endless, intellectual property promotes development", Dongsheng New Material has formulated a sound intellectual property strategy and integrated intellectual property management into the whole process of enterprise operation and operation. From project approval to customer use, intellectual property rights will be analyzed and protected. By 2020, Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries have obtained more than 300 patents authorized by the state. Intellectual property work has been highly recognized by the government and society.

        Looking forward to 2021, in the face of the severe epidemic situation and the economic situation at home and abroad, we will continue to give full play to our intellectual property advantages, take scientific research and innovation as the development engine, provide more personalized products and services, and firmly step into the path of high-quality, green and sustainable development.