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Congratulations to the inaugural meeting of the paper-based green packaging materials and products professional committee of the China Paper Society and the successful convening of the paper-based gre

        May 21, 2021, sponsored by China Paper Society and China Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., sponsored by Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., "China Paper Society Paper-based Green Packaging Materials and Products Professional Committee Inaugural Conference and Paper-based Green Packaging The "Seminar" was successfully held in Beijing.

        At the inaugural meeting of the committee, Cao Chunyu, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Paper Society and chairman of the China Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the inaugural meeting of the Paper-based Green Packaging Special Committee. Wang Xiaoxin, vice chairman of the China Paper Society, announced the approval document of the China Paper Society on the establishment of the paper-based green packaging committee. With more than 100 representatives from paper and paperboard, paper products, pulp molding, green chemicals, equipment manufacturing companies, logistics, takeaway catering and other end users, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, etc., witnessed the announcement of paper-based green The Packaging Special Committee was formally established. Subsequently, Secretary-General Cao Chunyu and Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoxin awarded the plaques to the chairman unit, the vice chairman unit and the specially invited committee unit. The paper-based green packaging committee's work methods and the 2021 work plan were announced for deliberation.

        In the afternoon, at the paper-based green packaging seminar sponsored by Dongsheng New Materials, Sun Bo, General Manager of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman of China Paper Society, and Zheng Lu, Marketing Director of Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., represented the organizer and sponsor respectively Address from the unit. The meeting conducted full and enthusiastic discussions on hot topics such as paper-based green packaging policies, standards, markets, and technology. Leaders also shared the application background of paper-based green packaging materials, an overview of paper-based packaging materials, industry specifications, and pulp The research and development progress of molded packaging materials, etc.

        As a paper chemical company, Dongsheng New Materials has been committed to providing downstream paper companies with high value-added products and personalized solutions. Equipped with 2 provincial-level enterprise technology centers and 2 postgraduate joint laboratories, various functional additives with independent intellectual property rights and industrial development orientation are developed in the field of new materials. Always pay attention to the development of the papermaking terminal market, and always adhere to the policy of green and sustainable development. Taking customer needs as its own responsibility, we will continue to seek industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively respond to the needs of the times about "reducing and gradually banning the production and use of non-degradable plastic products, and finding and developing alternative products." Discuss the development direction with the paper-based green packaging industry chain enterprises, solve the difficulties and pain points in the production process, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the paper-based green packaging industry.

        Dongsheng New Materials has been committed to providing high value-added paper additives products. Under the influence of the newly issued "plastic restriction order" and "plastic ban", it will face new opportunities, new problems and new challenges. Dongsheng New Materials continues to strengthen scientific research Ability, continue to use scientific research and technology to upgrade traditional industries, and contribute more to the field of green packaging! Adhering to the corporate values ​​and the concept of green and sustainable development, we will contribute to the promotion of paper-based green packaging.