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Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. passed the“State Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” review

        Recently, the relevant departments issued a"Notice on the identification of a new batch of 2022 and through the review of the state intellectual property model enterprises and enterprises with advantages.". Shanghai Dongsheng New Material Co. , Ltd. is one of 34 newly selected and approved intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

        "National intellectual property demonstration enterprise" refers to a strategic management concept of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights to create, use, protection, management capabilities, comprehensive competitive advantages outstanding, a model enterprise with industry influence and benchmarking is also an award given by the state to an enterprise that performs outstanding in the management, Creation, application and protection of intellectual property rights, this marks the continuous improvement of the company's intellectual property work.

        All along, Dongsheng new material attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property rights, and always adheres to the intellectual property rights development policy of“The road of innovation is endless, intellectual property rights promote development”, to establish and improve the intellectual property management process and system under the strategic planning of combining independent scientific and technological innovation with intellectual property rights, and to carry out detailed planning, deployment and implementation of intellectual property rights work, constantly improve the ability to create and apply intellectual property rights.

        This review, on the one hand, indicates that the society highly recognizes the company's intellectual property management work, on the other hand, it also reflects the company's good technological innovation ability and outstanding comprehensive competitive advantage, more conducive to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, for the future work of intellectual property, add momentum,

        In the future, Dongsheng will, as always, continue to adhere to the strategy of intellectual property strong enterprise, constantly improve the level of intellectual property management, and enhance the comprehensive competitive advantage of enterprise intellectual property, for the enterprise independent research and development, technological innovation, enhance the company's core competitiveness escort, promote the development of intellectual property innovation in Shanghai.