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Ji'Ning Mingsheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. was selected as “Small giant enterprise of science and Technology of Shandong Province in 2022”

        Recently, the relevant departments jointly held the 2022 Shandong Provincial small-tech Giant Enterprise list release conference in Jinan, and released a list of 600 small-tech giant enterprises, ji'Ning Mingsheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. has been selected as the “Small giant enterprise of science and Technology of Shandong Province in 2022”, which fully affirms the company's achievements in innovation and development.

        This selection is aimed at 20,000 high-tech enterprises in the valid period of our province, selecting them from the angles of innovation input, output and performance, and subdividing the scientific and technological enterprises that play a leading role in various fields. It is understood that the selected small giant of Science and technology enterprises have four distinctive features: first, pay attention to R & D investment, with a high level of scientific research management; Third, the focus on sustainable development, showing strong growth and development potential; fourth, relatively concentrated distribution, advanced manufacturing sector enterprises show strong competitiveness. Its characteristics can be summarized as innovation, scale and demonstration.

        The award-winning company will take this as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the road of sustainable green development, market-based, product-oriented, scientific research as the basic vitality of the enterprise, optimize the industrial layout and product structure to promote the company's high-quality development.