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Dr. Shi Xiaodan, General Manager of Dongsheng New Materials, was awarded the honorary title of "Leading Talent in Jining Science and Technology Innovation"


        Recently, the Jining Talent Science and Technology Innovation and Development Conference was held as scheduled. The conference commended advanced collectives and exemplary individual in science and technology innovation, arranged and deployed the city's talent science and technology innovation and development work at present and in the future. Academicians and experts from all over the country, at home and abroad gathered in Jining to discuss talent development plans and create a better future in science and technology. Dr. Shi Xiaodan, General Manager of Dongsheng New Materials, was awarded the honorary title of "Leading Talent in Jining Science and Technology Innovation" at this commendation conference.

        In recent years, Dongsheng New Material Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the path of sustainable green development, relying on the market, guided by products, and taking scientific research as the basic vitality of the enterprise. It has accelerated the optimization of industrial layout and product structure, invested a large amount of funds in Product development, old product transformation and other aspects, and formed R&D investment accounting system, talent introduction and talent reward system, R&D facilities and equipment management system and other systems, We have cultivated a team of talents with comprehensive qualities, both moral and talent, and possess a large number of advanced production and research and development instruments and equipment at home and abroad, matching the strength of international paper additive technology research and development and product production. Led by Dr. Shi Xiaodan, the general manager, the R&D technical team jointly developed more than 30 new products, applied for more than 80 national invention patents, and obtained 18 national authorized invention patents. Building into a leading enterprise in the green chemical industry in Shandong Province has created good economic and social benefits.

        Under the leadership of Dr. Shi Xiaodan, the company adheres to the road of science and technology and management efficiency. In the process of continuous development and expansion, the company has been rated as "National High tech Enterprise", "Hidden champions" in Shandong Province, "One Enterprise One Technology R&D Center" in Shandong Province, "Forest Biomass Material Engineering Technology Research Center" in Jining City, "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center" Honors such as "Shandong Provincial Overseas High Level Talent Workstation" have played an important demonstration role within Shandong Province. In the future, the company will continue to be committed to scientific and technological innovation, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, cultivate innovative talents, and contribute to the root power of high-quality development of Jining City