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Dr. Shi Xiaodan, General Manager of Dongsheng New Materials, was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Enterprise Climbing • Star Entrepreneur"


        Recently, Jining held a grand conference on high-quality industrial development in Jining. At the meeting, the commendation bulletin was read out and warm congratulations were expressed to the entrepreneurs and exemplary individual who were commended, and high respect and heartfelt thanks were expressed to the entrepreneurs who made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of the city. Dr. Shi Xiaodan, General Manager of Dongsheng New Materials, was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Enterprise Climbing • Star Entrepreneur".

        Under the leadership of General Manager Shi, Dongsheng New Materials Company always adheres to the path of sustainable green development, follows the development positioning of "benchmarking and intelligence", takes scientific research as the basic vitality of the enterprise, adheres to the linkage development of innovation, environmental protection, and quality efficiency, accelerates the optimization of industrial layout and product structure, and focuses on the innovation and utilization of forest biomass resources. As a cutting-edge field that intersects polymer materials, life sciences, mechanical engineering, and the papermaking industry, forest biomass materials are widely valued by countries around the world, especially in the field of waste utilization in the papermaking industry. The company's forest biomass material industry is based on the innovation chain of "biomass flat compounds synthetic materials modification product application", The effective utilization of renewable biomass resources such as lignin and Hemicellulose biomass from waste liquor in papermaking and pulping can not only solve the long-term problem of pulping waste liquor to paper enterprises, greatly reduce the environmental pressure of paper enterprises, but also produce huge economic and social benefits, and hasten the birth of a new industry. The company will usher in a new stage of development.

        In the future, Dongsheng New Materials will embark on a new journey, showcase new achievements, and focus on innovation to promote high-quality and efficient research and development, manufacturing, management, and marketing. As always, we will wholeheartedly serve our customers, create value for them, win friendship for the enterprise, and continue to contribute more to the continuous development of the industry.