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Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. passed the review of Shandong Gazelle Enterprises

        Recently, after the competent departments of small and medium-sized enterprises in various cities expert review, third-party credit rating, due diligence, joint final review and other procedures, the relevant departments have issued a notice on the 2023 of Gazelle and unicorn enterprises in Jining Province, successfully through the review, was once again recognized as Gazelle Enterprises in Shandong province.

        The successful review of gazelle companies means that Ming sheng new material technology innovation capacity, comprehensive strength and future development potential has been recognized and affirmed by all parties. In recent years, Mingsheng company in all levels of leadership and related departments with strong care and support, 2018 won the"National high-tech Enterprises", Shandong province, "Invisible Champion" enterprise, in 2019, the company was awarded the honor of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong province, focusing on scientific research and innovation, making great efforts to build a platform for scientific research and production, and attaching importance to the combination of production, teaching and research, r & D Research Center was awarded many honors, in 2018, he was awarded the "One enterprise, one technology" r & D Center of Shandong province and the "Engineering and technology research center of forest biomass material" of Jining Province. In 2022, he was awarded the "Shandong enterprise technology center" and the "Shandong overseas high-level talent workstation". As of today, he has applied for 101 patents and been granted 23. He has undertaken a number of provincial-level technological innovation projects and municipal-level research projects.

        No Innovation, no future. In the future, Mingsheng new materials company will continue to adhere to the development of science and technology, innovation-driven, constantly improve the level of independent innovation technology, increase the investment in scientific research, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and continue to optimize development, improve market service ability, promote high-quality development of enterprises.