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The company's headquarters 




Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co.Ltd.

701,F7,Block1,No.388 Tianlin Road, Xuhui District,ShangHai

Tel: +86-21-64838680 54450018 

Fax: +86-21-64518499

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Company service network



Shandong area

Address:Xinglongzhuang town, yanzhou district, jining city, shandong province, China

The phone:18266778097


Jiangsu and zhejiang area


Address:Qujiang district, Quzhou City, zhejiang province

The phone:18266778096


Guangdong area


Address:Zhongtang town, dongguan city, guangdong province

The phone:18266778077


Henan region


Address:Qiliying town, xinxiang county, xinxiang city, henan province

The phone:18266778077