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Talent concept

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Our concept of employment: Striver-oriented, dedicated, innovative, continuous improvement, as much as possible to share the results of the operation.

Our methods of employment are: Enthusiastic care, active protection, strong strengths and circumventing weaknesses, effective development, efficient communication, performance orientation, clear rewards and penalties, good motivation.

As a company, we will provide:

Clearly defined corporate goals and prospects

The reward for contributing to a clear goal

Reasonable salary

Education, training and development opportunities

Strong leadership at all levels

Open, honest, two-way communication at all levels

match word to deed

An environment suitable for development and learning

Responsibilities at all levels

Respect for personal and behavioural honesty

Resources required to complete the work

Flexibility in dealing with career, family, personal and cultural differences

Our talent composition:


senior engineer



university graduate

Our talent sources are:

Fudan University,

Tsinghua University,

Shanghai Jiaotong University,

 Zhejiang University,

Sun Yat-sen University,

Beijing normal University,

Tongji University,

China University of political ScienceandLaw

Shanghai University of Finance Economics

Southwest University

Donghua University

University Of Xiangtan

East China University Of Science